What is the Lifetime of LEDs

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What is the Lifetime of LEDs


It is known that LEDs have a much longer lifetime than any other form of conventional lighting. LED lifetime is not affected by multiple switching unlike all conventional lamps. Most suppliers specify 50,000hrs. In actual fact the lifetime of LEDs is a calculated extrapolated time based on lab endurance tests. LED lights do not fail by time, they dim. The lifetime is reached when the LED light dims to 70% of its original luminosity; what is called as L70. This is the rule since the human eye does not perceive any change in light intensity before that.

Based on the 3 aspects of LEDs mentioned above the lifetime is purely a matter of how well the LED luminaire is designed; i.e.

–       What kind of chip is used and what BIN is purchased

–       How well heat management is designed

–       How reliable the driver is

All these factors will impact on the lifetime of the LED luminaire/fitting.

The driver reliability and hardiness plays an important part in the case of Malta. Unfortunately in Malta we live with constant voltage fluctuations. If the driver is not from a reliable source you could end up with a shorter lifetime than expected. At Brighter Solutions we always get involved in checking and sometimes suggesting our suppliers to change the driver supplier.

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